Saturday, April 28, 2018

Faith Stitchers

I joined a company of knit-and/or-crochet fans at Faith Lutheran Church.
 Their mission is to produce and donate products for hospitals,
 a women's shelter, and the Polk County Senior Center.
I'm barely a knitter so I chose the simplest project: 8-inch squares
that senior-center attendees can join together for afghans or baby blankets
to sell at their annual fundraiser.
I visited the senior center when we delivered six months' worth of our squares.
We were also there to guide the seniors (who happened to be Burmese refugees)
 through the assembly of several afghan projects.
 Language was spare; mostly we used gestures, nods of encouragement
 and simple demonstrations about how to sew the squares together.
At another end of the room, a couple seniors were learning to use
two newly donated sewing machines.
I think I just might have to cook up a simple idea for a quilt-as-you-go blanket
 project for my next visit.


Beth said...

What a wonderful thing to do! Those squares are lovely.

jmac said...

Maybe no words exchanged but your can bet all of you completely understood exactly what each of you were communicating!!!
What a perfect way to give back....Good Job!!!

Ron said...

Love the project, love the colors. Linda Letnes

tammy j said...

you're wonderful. xo