Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Looking for Spring

We thought the snow part of winter was gone...not yet! More for the next 24 hours.
Part of March Madness, I guess.
Soft, floating flakes.
 When we were kids, we put out our tongues to lick them from the sky.
Ice cream for the cows, we said.


tammy j said...

in upstate NY it was ice cream snow for us!
well before acid rain and all the other pollutants.
it had to be a fresh deep and wet snow that packed well.
we carefully scooped it up into big bowls. Mother then mixed real maple syrup with a touch of vanilla and strizzled it over the snow. it all had to be done quickly!
a heavenly memory that probably tasted horrible! LOL.

Nib's End said...

I feel the beginnings of a Billy Collins poem in your words. Lovely.