Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Palmier  (pronounced palm-yay), is French for palm tree, the name given to puff pastry cookies shaped like hearts, palm leaves, elephant or pig's ears.
Rolled in sugar, the pastry gets puffed and carmelized in a 450 degree oven.
I could have left these just a bit longer, I think. At any rate, they are addicting!
Also, the quickest cookies I've ever made.



donna baker said...

I'll have two please. If they are small, make that another. I made elephant ears so long ago, I can't remember when. Must be about 40 years ago. They were really good.

jmac said...

We LOVE these!! First thing my baby boy asks for during the holidays...he says he remembers helping me make them when he was small. He's 32 cool is that??!!
Think of you often with gratitude that you're healthy and happy!!

tammy j said...

I don't know if I can stand this delightful series you're on!
not good for diabetes 2.
but oh my! the gorgeous thought of it all. and the pictures. YUM!

Lucinda said...

Yum those look great!!!
I’m afraid the inside of my oven gets little use but this is tempting!

Hope you’re well! Finally getting back to blog world!

Dewena said...

I've never made or tasted these, can't believe it. I must get my two big volumes of Gourmet cookbook out and find a recipe. I know, most people google a recipe but I'm old school.

Those look like they'd be very buttery, Becky, are they? Butter is good, in my book!