Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Toasting 75

I survived a stroke to make it to my 75th birthday!
Here's to 75 and all its glories:
A celebratory glass from Seasons 52.
A day of spoiling by family and friends.
Beautiful flowers at a long, white dinner table.
Tres Leche cake to top off a delightful meal.
Landon sweetly singing the birthday song.
Red wine from the Biltmore.
New fur-lined winter boots and
sheepskin/suede Merrell clogs.
A Swedish massage at Sahar's.
Facebook greetings and a Maxine card that
said I was really HOT!
I am loved.


Stan said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to you, Becky. I hope you have a wonderful year full of sweet surprises.
Love, Kathleen

donna baker said...

Congratulations Becky. What a blessing. 75 is the new 55.

Nib's End said...

Happy Birthday! I would have guessed that you were younger. So much juice still left in you.

tammy j said...

yes. you are loved!
happy birthday dear bean.
here's to many more! xo

a rich tapestry said...

Belated best wishes. It sounds as if you had a lovely birthday celebration with your family. Landon singing must have been a special moment. Enjoy the boots, clogs and other gifts you received. The massage will be a nice treat.

jmac said...

Loved every day, not JUST on your birthday!

Happy Happy Birfday girlfriend!!!

Dewena said...

I missed your birthday, but congratulations, Becky! And you are loved and in my case, very admired. And I daresay you ARE hot!