Friday, August 4, 2017

Living in the Light

On these cool August mornings, we open windows and doors
 to welcome the freshly rained-upon air.
The sun upstages the clouds and the leaves of the trees
 flicker and whisper in the light.

Did I tell you we live along Woodland Avenue?


Nib's End said...

My deck faces east and all of my shade succumbed to a storm five years ago. The recently planted birch is doing its best but is, alas, too young to do anything more than make promises. So I take my morning tea in the kitchen and dream of summer spaces such as yours. I would surely love to sit beneath your Woodland Ave. and sip a cup with you on this unexpectedly cool day.

tammy j said...

i love every word and magical light and shadowed image in this post!
you can't see me.
i'm sitting there in a comfy wicker chair soaking it all in like a thirsty little plant! xo♥

jmac said...

sigh.......I can almost smell the smells and feel the crisp air!
I so hope you are well, feeling good and soaking up the beauty there...

Dewena said...

A picture can be so powerful, just one picture. Proof of this is found in reading the comments above. We all feel everything this picture expresses. Well done, Becky.