Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sunday Night Dinner: A New Tradition

Family traditions at our house are rare.
 Christmas wherever we happen to be together.
Birthdays by mail. Or not.
So I was surprised the other day...
 "What do you think about taking turns making Sunday night dinners?,
 our daughter texted. I replied with "I think it's a GREAT idea!"
I'm up first: September 3 during Labor Day weekend.
Hurray! A theme. An excuse to visit Pinterest for inspiring treats.
Simple crostini: Thin slices of brie baked on baguette slices for 6 minutes at 350 degrees.
 Decorated with strawberry slices, dribbles of honey over the berries,
 and narrow slices of fresh basil.

Easy lollipops. Small wedges of watermelon signal summer's end.
Hope your Labor Day weekend is filled with work-free hours
 (unless you're volunteering for Harvey's victims--bless you).
Our donations, thoughts and prayers go out for them.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Living in the Light

On these cool August mornings, we open windows and doors
 to welcome the freshly rained-upon air.
The sun upstages the clouds and the leaves of the trees
 flicker and whisper in the light.

Did I tell you we live along Woodland Avenue?