Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Good, Clean Fun

It took a month or more but our new kitchen is here at last
 and it comes with electricity and water!

Water for washing and energy for firing up the cooking pots are the elements we appreciate the most. Now that we have those, we can move into generous drawers, free-flying awning cabinet doors and wide, wide clean and white counter spaces.
Lots of LED lighting has me walking in pure white air. However, the upper cabinet lighting fails to light the lower shelves so I ordered glass shelves to replace the wooden ones. A good adjustment.
Awning-style doors make smooth and easy access to everyday dishes.

The galley view shows my triangular work pattern from sink to stove to refrigerator.

The silgranit sink is colored "Truffle" and
water is turned on and off with a gentle tap on top of the faucet.

Drawers instead of doors eliminate leaning or kneeling
into deep recesses of a cupboard.

White quartz "Misterio" countertops are created with
barely-there grey veining. 
A step back into the dining room gives you an overall look.
The island awaits galvanized metal counter stools.

Next: A trip to the store for drawer liners.
 Nothing like clean and fresh beginnings!
Today was our 53rd wedding anniversary.
We opened a bottle of champagne and clinked our glasses with great happiness.
Life is good!

August 10....update. A few adjustments:

Glass shelves replace the original wood ones so cabinet lighting can shine through.

Distressed metal stools from Target let me chat with guests while I cook.

One last overall view...


Stan said...


Dewena said...

Happy Anniversary! What an anniversary gift this lovely kitchen is! It is so beautiful, Becky. I love the awning door cabinets, I remember seeing some of these in very modern kitchens in my old House & Garden magazines. And to have all drawers instead of cabinets would be absolute kitchen heaven.

Love the quartz countertops too!

Stan said...

It's wonderful, Becky. I love a white kitchen.
p.s. Happy belated anniversary!

Steve Rolfsrud said...

Becky, beautiful! Steve and Nancy

Nib's End said...

Pristine. Lovely. A space I could breathe in...Oh, yes, and cook in too if I must.

tammy j said...

YES!!! you knew I would!
I love everything about it.
and happy belated wedding day!
what a celebration! a shining new kitchen. it's all good as you so rightly say! XOXO♥

jmac said...

WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Beautiful....took my breath away! You've done an awesome job...and how are you feeling? Thought about you the other day and as usual, it's taken me forever to get my arse over here to ask you!

New you and new kitchen!!!!! Perfecto!

a rich tapestry said...

Greetings Becky! Belated good wishes for your wedding anniversary and I believe there was also a birthday celebration in August. Your kitchen is lovely and I can see you've but a lot of thought into the design so that it's practical to work in. Enjoy!