Friday, June 23, 2017

Hit the PAUSE Button

Just when we were gearing up for the kitchen finish,
 the countertop people added two weeks to their schedule.
"Look for us by the Fourth of July," they said.
Calling on Patience.
What to do with the time?
I guess I'll...
Visit the Little House while Kim and Adam are in Europe.

Go shopping.

Light candles.

Drink something cool.

Walk in a forest cathedral.

Gaze upon stars.
Photo: Wikipedia

Go to grandsons' ball games.
And light a fire under those countertop boys
to celebrate the Fourth of July!
Watch this space...
and have a great Fourth!


Ron said...

I'm disappointed, but probably not nearly as much as you are! Great pictures anyway. Linda

Dewena said...

Patience, what's that? I'm sorry there's this delay but oh my, The Little House, whatever that is, looks like one I'd love to visit too! You've found lovely things to do during this work stop, Becky.

a rich tapestry said...

You've listed and shown some good things to be doing whilst you wait for the completion of your kitchen. I like the action photo of the boys playing baseball! Have a lovely 4th July - not long now!

Stan said...

Your photography is stunning! Stan

jmac said...

I would take those drinks to the magical cathedral and just dream. Let your imagination go wild!!!
and how bout that recipe??? looks amazing!

Dewena said...

Becky, thank you for your email directing me to the story on May 12, 2012 of the Little Houses in your life. I was enchanted! And obviously this was before I met you and I missed it.

Your writing was just exquisite, as was your Little House that became a family heirloom. That Pale Sunshine color is delectable!

Thank you for directing me back to it,

Nib's End said...

I'm with Dewena. Little House simply enchants me and it was so lovely to dig through your archives and read its history and the history of your other little houses.

tammy j said...

i'm so glad the 'little house' could be kept in the family!
I expect eating out a lot could be added to that wonderful list of activities waiting for the 4th? LOL! ♥