Saturday, June 17, 2017

D Day in West Des Moines

We moved to our townhouse a year ago,
 knowing we'd update the kitchen.

 I took the door off the closet-like "pantry" after we moved in
 to make things more accessible behind the awkward swinging door.


This week, the guys Demolished the kitchen in just two hours.
The Disappearance of cabinetry was followed by new plumbing and re-wiring.
The electrician loved the vanished ceiling.

We did a two-day road trip while the painters wrapped
 adjacent spaces to prepare for painting.
The kitchen (below) is ready for installation.
 Tomorrow is another sort of D- Day~~the FUN part!

Watch this space!


Ron said...

I am looking forward to this! Linda

jmac said...

can't wait to watch the progress....Yay for a new kitchen!!

tammy j said...

it's getting exciting now!
the difference in buying underwear or clothes that show!
oh. and btw. paddle procedure on 7/10. looking forward to feeling better!