Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bon Voyage!

OK, I'm not taking a cruise...I'm just setting the table
for family members who will soon fly to Paris.
I have a penchant for playing with parchment (makes me think of ancient abbey scrolls) but can't decide on the best plate-setting presentation for
French bread.
 It could be this...
Kitchen twine tying a sprig of rosemary and baguette in a parchment sandwich bag.

A menu penned on parchment.
 or this:
A place card holder.
Which do you prefer?

Of course, the menu will reflect the destination. When we visited Paris, we often ate Salade Nicoise because it was an affordable menu selection. Originating in Nice, it was known as "simple food for poor people "--uncooked garden vegetables plus boiled eggs and anchovies.

Sometimes Salade Nicoise is presented in a "composed arrangement" of groups of individual vegetables.
Landon likes meatballs so I'm slow-cooking meatballs with a special sauce.
Our contractor just called to say he's ready to begin our kitchen renovation.That pretty much puts a stop to this party plan. Maybe it will be a Welcome Home celebration.

 Meanwhile, watch this space!


Dewena said...

I like the first presentation best but love them all. Could you please write a book on the secrets of a stylist?!

How exciting for your Paris bound loved ones!

And how exciting that there is a kitchen remodel about to begin! I'll look forward to the results!

Stan said...

I like all of them but the first photo with the rosemary is my favorite.
Love from your sister-in-law, Kathleen

Nib's End said...

I concur with the previous commenters. I use rosemary slipped beneath a pewter napkin ring frequently. I love the simplicity, color, and fragrance. Those meatballs look tasty. Do you share the recipe?

I love parchment too. I confess, I have used it in lieu of tissue paper in wrapping a gift and even used it as wrapping paper!

a rich tapestry said...

I like the idea of using a rosemary sprig because of the fragrance and meaning of this culinary plant. Beautifully arranged and photographed food, Becky. I hope all goes well with the kitchen renovation and healthwise I wish you all the best.