Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Opening Faces

We are discovering garden secrets left behind by a previous home owner.
When tulips popped up along the front walkway,
I couldn't resist cutting a few to
juxtapose against the reds of our living room sofa.
Hostas galore are coming along in shaded areas.
A couple chive plants...
And I'm cooking up early rhubarb stems
to brew pale pink rhubarb cordials.


helen tilston said...

Hello Becky,

Rhubarb cordials sound delicious. I hope you post the recipe. I have only had rhubarb pie and I do love it.

Love your image too

Helen xx

donna baker said...

I second Helen. The cordials sound delicious.

tammy j said...

gorgeous darling bean!
spring is sprunging!