Friday, February 17, 2017

Living Minimally

It's the last flight of our snowbird adventure.
A cash offer on our Florida house makes it possible for us to simplify our lives and go home to just one familiar nest, one property tax, house insurance, and set of utility bills.
We're cutting our possessions in half by selling the house furnished and emptying
 cupboards, drawers, and closets of our personal possessions.

I'm reveling in sunshine on clear surfaces,
 the empty closets painted a delicious pistachio green,
and driving un-needed items to Salvation Army,
 ReStore (retail store for Habitat for Humanity) and Goodwill.

Without dishes, pots and pans in the kitchen,
dining comes in convenience forms.
Without clothing in the closet,
I get dressed out of a suitcase.

Inspection happens next week.
Closing on March 7.

It will be sad to leave this all behind but the time has come.


donna baker said...

Change is good. New adventures - new life.

tammy j said...

i've been waiting for a new post dear bean!
and for a fellow cozy minimalist this one is perfect.
wishing you smooth sailing for your closing.
i just love fresh beginnings! XO♥

Nib's End said...

Take some of that blue with you for a snowy day.

Lucinda said...

Wow! Big changes but I'm with Donna. Change is good ... keeps the energy moving.
Hope you are well!

jmac said...

hoping your health is good. think of you often!

Dewena said...

I missed this one, Becky. So it's a done deed now? I'm sure there was a lot of work involved in this but it brought you back to bid farewell to one life and all doors open for your new one, with lots of good memories of time there. Bless you!

Carol said...

Your Florida home was so cute --- I hope you'll post pictures of your present home. One home certainly would be a lot simpler than two.