Saturday, December 23, 2017

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Countdown

We're well into December's countdown
 to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

December 1: Opening plan is to decorate a bit every day
 as ideas unfold, expanding the pleasures of anticipation.

A basket hung on a coat rack in the foyer.

December 2-5: Pleating ornaments from old sheet music purchased
 from a Des Moines antique store called The Picker Knows.

December 6: Switched out the CD player in the car to The Sacred Flame,
European Sacred Music of the Renaissance and Baroque Era
 featuring The Cambridge Singers and La Nuova Musica.
December 7: Pedicure at Sahar's.
 The guy next to me, getting cleaned up for Christmas, had blackened toe nails
 from dropping a six-pack of beer on his bare foot.
. "Red or white?" asked his pedicurist, as he settled into his chair.
"Red!" he said.
 Ordering nail polish for a festive look, I thought.
Turns out, he was only requesting a glass of red wine.
December 8: Replacing the beachwear on the hall rack with Saint Nick togs.
Mrs. Lachelt, my fourth-grade teacher, taught me to knit so I made Santa a scarf and joined Faith Stitchers, a church group that knits and crochets for charity.
The plan going forward: 
December 14:  Serve a social hour at our house for friends before attending our church's Soli Deo Musica concert, "Noels from Faith" featuring
The Jubilate Hand-bell Choir and the Ames Chamber Artists.
December 18: Faith Stitchers' Christmas Luncheon at Sue's.
Car-pooling from the church.
December 24; Mourn the Underwoods' loss of their Florida Christmases that we provided for the last 17 years by repeating similar traditions here in Iowa: A candlelight service at church, driving around to look at Christmas lights (this makes me remember when Blake, shirtless and in diapers, hung out a window to receive a giveaway teddy bear), eating light party treats in the kitchen created by Hunter and me, and competing in a trivia game written by Grandpa Al for joke prizes.
December 25: Celebrate Christmas with the Jerdees for the first time with a Christmas Brunch of waffles and fruit. We'll play a trivia game suited to Landon who is a decade younger than his Underwood cousins.
I wish you a merry Christmas
I wish you a merry Christmas
I wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Toasting 75

I survived a stroke to make it to my 75th birthday!
Here's to 75 and all its glories:
A celebratory glass from Seasons 52.
A day of spoiling by family and friends.
Beautiful flowers at a long, white dinner table.
Tres Leche cake to top off a delightful meal.
Landon sweetly singing the birthday song.
Red wine from the Biltmore.
New fur-lined winter boots and
sheepskin/suede Merrell clogs.
A Swedish massage at Sahar's.
Facebook greetings and a Maxine card that
said I was really HOT!
I am loved.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Happy Beggar's Night, Dia de los Muertos, and Harvest Season

These two white pumpkins will be my centerpiece all the way to Thanksgiving.
Tomorrow's Sunday night dinner will celebrate Oktoberfest.
Bratwurst and red cabbage slaw. Crinkle potatoes.
Paulaner Oktoberfest Weisn. Brewed and bottled in Munich, Germany.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Deck, Balcony, and Patio Renovation

Today, the guys finished off the job
by sodding over their tracks and power-washing our driveway.
Starting from scratch. Inserting steel poles into the ground on the patio level.

No nails or working on knees. Balcony floor is screwed in place with a drill that shoots screws automatically.

Main deck today. We won't put furniture out until spring.
We have plans for a large Christmas tree right in the middle of this space.

The patio will be dry, thanks to the interior roof that drains the rains.

I'm thinking a border of white hydrangeas will wrap the base of the patio.
Hammock time among the green splendors.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Deck Disappearance

Our three-level outdoor living spaces disappeared in just three hours this time for the rain that suddenly rushed in. Here we are with caution tape crossing our three sliding glass doors...warning us not to step over a ledge,
It was time to correct the cracked concrete of the patio,
 the leaning support posts for the main deck and balcony, the rotting planks.
Plus, we wished for a rain-protected roof over the patio level.
Two more days of rain before we dry out over the weekend.
Perhaps, Monday is the day when the old bricks and concrete disappear.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Saint Basil Soup

It's a soup kind of day~~rainy, drizzly, a sit-by-the-fire kind of day.
Time to open my Twelve Months of Monastery Soups book
and stir the pot.

Should I make "Provencal Rainbow Soup",
 "Gumbo Potage a la Creole" or "Red Bean and Rice Soup"?

I settle on "Saint Basil Soup" for the simplicity it implies.
Easy and earthy.

Vegetables sliced and ready to saute. Rainbow carrots for the sake of novelty.
 St. Basil the Great (c.330-379) organized a soup kitchen
during the 370 famine in Caesarea and donated his inherited wealth to the poor.
His recipe is basically a vegetable broth soup.
I'm adding paccheri pasta to flesh it out a bit.
Autumn has arrived. Chill is in the air.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Summer's Moving On

When cabbages begin to appear on florist shelves,
 I know what comes next...
...a dying of summer's colors.

Red-tailed squirrels scurry about in the trees, stocking their shelves.
And it's a little cool for dining on the deck.
(insert disappointed face emoji)

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sunday Night Dinner: A New Tradition

Family traditions at our house are rare.
 Christmas wherever we happen to be together.
Birthdays by mail. Or not.
So I was surprised the other day...
 "What do you think about taking turns making Sunday night dinners?,
 our daughter texted. I replied with "I think it's a GREAT idea!"
I'm up first: September 3 during Labor Day weekend.
Hurray! A theme. An excuse to visit Pinterest for inspiring treats.
Simple crostini: Thin slices of brie baked on baguette slices for 6 minutes at 350 degrees.
 Decorated with strawberry slices, dribbles of honey over the berries,
 and narrow slices of fresh basil.

Easy lollipops. Small wedges of watermelon signal summer's end.
Hope your Labor Day weekend is filled with work-free hours
 (unless you're volunteering for Harvey's victims--bless you).
Our donations, thoughts and prayers go out for them.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Living in the Light

On these cool August mornings, we open windows and doors
 to welcome the freshly rained-upon air.
The sun upstages the clouds and the leaves of the trees
 flicker and whisper in the light.

Did I tell you we live along Woodland Avenue?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Good, Clean Fun

It took a month or more but our new kitchen is here at last
 and it comes with electricity and water!

Water for washing and energy for firing up the cooking pots are the elements we appreciate the most. Now that we have those, we can move into generous drawers, free-flying awning cabinet doors and wide, wide clean and white counter spaces.
Lots of LED lighting has me walking in pure white air. However, the upper cabinet lighting fails to light the lower shelves so I ordered glass shelves to replace the wooden ones. A good adjustment.
Awning-style doors make smooth and easy access to everyday dishes.

The galley view shows my triangular work pattern from sink to stove to refrigerator.

The silgranit sink is colored "Truffle" and
water is turned on and off with a gentle tap on top of the faucet.

Drawers instead of doors eliminate leaning or kneeling
into deep recesses of a cupboard.

White quartz "Misterio" countertops are created with
barely-there grey veining. 
A step back into the dining room gives you an overall look.
The island awaits galvanized metal counter stools.

Next: A trip to the store for drawer liners.
 Nothing like clean and fresh beginnings!
Today was our 53rd wedding anniversary.
We opened a bottle of champagne and clinked our glasses with great happiness.
Life is good!

August 10....update. A few adjustments:

Glass shelves replace the original wood ones so cabinet lighting can shine through.

Distressed metal stools from Target let me chat with guests while I cook.

One last overall view...

Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Few Details

We were surprised a couple days ago when the guys came back to finish a few things like installing the new "powder room" (do they still call it that?) vanity and replace the oversized cove molding that came with the house.

 That means WATER! We can wash our hands in a small waterfall of a faucet!
 The blush-colored walls of the "powder room"
are inspired by Matisse.

The water vessel came with us from our home in Venice, Florida.

In the hall outside the water room,
 I arranged a hall tree intended only as a piece of d├ęcor
rather than handy place for big coats or baseball caps.

I found the Umbra hall tree at The Container Store.
We've been told the countertops are coming in tomorrow, the appliances on Thursday, and everything finished by the end of the week. Just in time for Mr. Wonderful's birthday on the 8th.
Fingers crossed.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Hit the PAUSE Button

Just when we were gearing up for the kitchen finish,
 the countertop people added two weeks to their schedule.
"Look for us by the Fourth of July," they said.
Calling on Patience.
What to do with the time?
I guess I'll...
Visit the Little House while Kim and Adam are in Europe.

Go shopping.

Light candles.

Drink something cool.

Walk in a forest cathedral.

Gaze upon stars.
Photo: Wikipedia

Go to grandsons' ball games.
And light a fire under those countertop boys
to celebrate the Fourth of July!
Watch this space...
and have a great Fourth!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

D Day in West Des Moines

We moved to our townhouse a year ago,
 knowing we'd update the kitchen.

 I took the door off the closet-like "pantry" after we moved in
 to make things more accessible behind the awkward swinging door.


This week, the guys Demolished the kitchen in just two hours.
The Disappearance of cabinetry was followed by new plumbing and re-wiring.
The electrician loved the vanished ceiling.

We did a two-day road trip while the painters wrapped
 adjacent spaces to prepare for painting.
The kitchen (below) is ready for installation.
 Tomorrow is another sort of D- Day~~the FUN part!

Watch this space!