Friday, October 28, 2016

Update 2

Thank you for your prayers and hopes for my improvement. Indeed, things are moving forward.

I can now walk without the cane...except when I go outdoors. I take it along in case I encounter odd stairs or slopes, uneven surfaces. I'm back at the computer, typing with my old keyboard skills, and sewing quilt squares on my sewing machine. I've made a couple meatloaves but confess to doing a lot of takeout :) Lots of naps help the healing. Lots of homework exercises.

Landon and I are busy decorating for the Halloween party we are throwing for his parents. I'm vacuuming with my new Red Devil and plan to dress as a witch (The Witch Is In!)

One more month of outpatient therapy and I will be driving again.

Hurray!! Thanks again and I'll be back!