Thursday, September 29, 2016


my keyboard skills aren't yet back to normal but I am now walking with a 4-point cane, climbing stairs, folding laundry, dropping things in tubes, standing on one leg like a flamingo for a few seconds and doing all sorts of therapy tricks...all toward regaining strength in the collapsed muscles as well as regaining my sense of balance. they say I will be walking without support by next Wednesday, the day I go home, October 5.

after that, I will do outpatient therapy until my skills are perfected.
long ago, stroke victims just lived with the losses. now aggressive therapy immediately after the event has been discovered to be successful, the outcomes are much more hopeful.
and I have been blessed with AGGRESSIVE THERAPY!

bless you for keeping me in your prayers and know that I keep you all in my heart!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

learning patience and humility

I have had a stroke and am recovering in therapy for a month or so. eventually I should be able to post again.