Saturday, August 27, 2016

Work in Progress

Our new house comes with three levels of outdoor living:
A balcony on the second story.
A large deck on the main level.
And a patio outside the walkout basement.

The seller left a few things behind.
Like this long, narrow table that once served as a butcher's
meat-cutting work surface.
Hunter repaired the table top, sanded it a bit,
but left some of the antique finish for me to enjoy.

At the moment, the table is unfinished
but I'm imagining it as a sort of pub table,
a place to lay out a buffet on a pleasant summer evening.
Lighting. Plants. Seating.

For now, it's a table-in-waiting while we work on
more immediate projects.


donna baker said...

Love it, especially the table.

yaya said...

So beautiful! I know you'll make it even more lovely...can't wait to see it!

tammy j said...

a little novel ...
the art of life.
i come here and turn the page
wondering what delights are next!