Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Changing Colors

My decorating palette in the south is quite different from the one I use up north.
 What they have in common is that both schemes
 are inspired by natural surroundings.

  For example, the colors for our winter home in Florida, above, come from sea and sky, rain and palm, lime and pistachio. Whenever I enter its light-and-airy southern spaces, I can feel my spirits lift like a kite on a seaside breeze.

Iowa's vibe for decorating inspiration in the north, below, grows from field and stream, oak and walnut, fire and smoke. They are colors rooted in rich soil and when I'm home in Iowa I know my feet are firmly planted on the ground.

I love the contrast in palettes that provide such delightful breaks in the annual round of moving between two places and experiencing both landscapes. But the time has come to simplify, come home to family in Iowa, and settle into one last house. This winter, we will sell our Florida cottage.

Meanwhile, this summer, we're settling into our Iowa townhouse.
Our 25-year-old cranberry sectional seems transformed now that it's moved away
 from the pale carpet of the last condo
 onto the dark, gleaming wood floor of the new townhouse.

Hunter assembled the abbey-style table and bench that will host
family-and-friends dinners in the future.
I spotted this monastery-style pedestal table at a local furniture store.
It will go to work as a sideboard at the end of the long, communal table.

 We're enjoying the company of grandsons who helped us move
and keep coming over to make adjustments. They're also
good at the mysteries of technology.


Nib's End said...

What lovely, lovely prose you have written to describe the way you have decorated your two homes.

yaya said...

Leaving Florida? Well, I'm sure your family will love having you near them year round but I think you will miss that warmth. Decisions like that are hard and long thought out so I'm sure you've made a good decision. Your decorating is always beautiful and I hope to see more of your new home. Congrats on the move!

tammy j said...

i'm still picturing your grandsons as LITTLE!!! where did the time go?
i dearly love these pictures.
it's lovely seeing the abbey come together. ♥

Dewena said...

Becky, the colors in your new townhouse are so satisfyingly lovely! Can the sofa really be 25 years old? I adore cranberry color and used it so much in our TN home. Here I hope I can bring it out in November for the winter months--are there winter months here? But probably the pistachio colored lamp I bought last Saturday at GW for $15, and which looks great here, will be more what I move to overall.

Leslie said...

Always love to see your design flair!

Debbie said...

I, too, love seeing your flair for design, Becky.
Leaving your home in Florida behind will be a serious transition for you come the winter season, will it not?
We all do what must be done, and family times always make up for any changes made.
Much love being sent to you, dear Becky.

Linda P said...

Catching up on your news I can see you're enjoying the decorating aspect of moving into a new place. The rooms are looking beautiful and stylish. Wishing you well in your new home.