Friday, July 1, 2016


A small arrangement is the easiest way to begin a new home.
 Familiar objects placed on a new plane warm the space,
bringing peace to the eye and a sense of relaxation
after the craziness of "moving house."
It's 3 p.m. and the light is gone from the room and this
is a slice of the original iPhone shot made from my chair.
See the key hanging at the lower left?
It's the key for the gas option of the fireplace
that works two ways: wood or gas.
The Fireplace Superstore will check it out
before we light a flame.
So...welcome to our new home...
I'll reveal a bit more as we settle in.
Have a great weekend!


Nib's End said...

Candles, clocks and books. Except for the people who share it with me, nothing says home to me more than that trinity.

One corner or room of tidy always makes the rest seem more approachable to me. Good Luck with your settling!

donna baker said...

Oh boy! What an adventure. Our fireplace is only gas and I wish we had the wood option.

Dewena said...

It's perfectly lovely, Becky! I've been looking forward to seeing peeks into your new home. Wish I had you here to help with my mantel.

And imagine my pleasure the other night when I was delving into past posts of of a newly discovered fabulous and inspiring blog and saw one where YOU had been there styling her home for a photo shoot! I was excitedly saying "I know her!"

I'm so glad you're happy in your new move,

Stan said...

Watching with anticipation,
Thanks for sharing.

Stan and Kathleen

tammy j said...

so mellow.
makes me think of a vermeer painting.
and absolutely lovely.
i would expect no less from you.
abbey style for sure!