Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Practical Matters

Our new house was built in 1980 so it has a few architectural surprises.
Its quaint kitchen closet hidden behind a plain door suggests a pantry.
A light at the top of the closet turns on by sturdy kitchen string,
 showing off its pure, white interior and generous shelves.
But food storage for us is minimal, most of it
stocked in a refrigerator. What we need is storage for serving dishes,
linens and cookbooks.
By Day Two after closing on the house, the kitchen closet door came off and went to the garage.The result was open storage with benefits: A display of tabletop pieces, an illusion of a larger kitchen,  and easy access for setting a table or gathering baking supplies and cookbooks.


helen tilston said...

Hello Becky,

It is a huge improvement, efficient and looks interesting too. It works better for you too. A winning combination
Have a great weekend

Helen xx

donna baker said...

Now comes the fun part.

tammy j said...

dearly LOVE it!
i also took doors off in my little cottage when i lived there.
so appealing.

Dewena said...

Fascinating! I would just stand there and stare at it all. Hmm, maybe I don't need all that pantry space for food storage? We'll see.

You sound like you're enjoying this process, Becky. Wonderful!

Midlife Roadtripper said...

How brave to take the doors off. Would be hard for me to keep it looking good. I have organization, but my husband thinks I don't and doesn't see it. Hmmmm.
Must be fun to set up a new household as you are doing. Taking your time.

rosaria williams said...

Your special touches! Fantastic.

yaya said...

I have a pantry door right next to my fridge. It's full of stuff like broom, garbage can and upper shelves that hold lots of stuff. I know for sure it wouldn't look as nice as yours with the door off! Good job!