Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Band-Aid For Now

Like the pantry in my previous post, I removed the doors on the upper cabinets
 of one kitchen wall and painted their dark interiors "Pale Sunshine" to bring in the light, visually push back the walls, and feel the illusion of more space.
 But it's only a quick fix until we can afford to renovate the kitchen.

Meanwhile, I'm down in the walkout basement where dark green carpet
 and greenish-grey walls presently rule.
 But not for long.
A new "Parchment" carpet is coming to bring transparency...

...and I'm climbing my stepladder to heaven with a bucket
of  "Ethereal White" paint.


Steve Rolfsrud said...

Becky, looks like you are having fun with your remake. Enjoy. Brother Steve

donna baker said...

Nice way to spend those hot summer days.

tammy j said...

i always love open shelving.
and light!
oh the light. so important.
watching this house become your abbey style home is thrilling.
simplicity. beauty. and just the right amount of elegant quirkiness! ♥

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I like that kitchen. How brave to show your cupboards. I would have to do some culling before I'd show mine. Ha!

yaya said...

You're kitchen looks great! My problem with open shelving is dust. We heat with wood in the winter and I have to dust constantly. I do have some open shelving with some bowls but I always have to wash them prior to use. I love the new basement wall and floor color...that will really lighten things up! Can't wait to see the finished product!

jmac said...

Girl, I'm loving watching you "play" in your new home!! Sure hope you don't make it so comfy that you don't move back south in winter. Still holding hope that we get to meet some day!!!

Nib's End said...

Even though green is nearly always my color of choice, I have never been fond of putting it on the floor or walls. I enjoy your tendency to create a canvas of light with cheerful shouts of color.