Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Band-Aid For Now

Like the pantry in my previous post, I removed the doors on the upper cabinets
 of one kitchen wall and painted their dark interiors "Pale Sunshine" to bring in the light, visually push back the walls, and feel the illusion of more space.
 But it's only a quick fix until we can afford to renovate the kitchen.

Meanwhile, I'm down in the walkout basement where dark green carpet
 and greenish-grey walls presently rule.
 But not for long.
A new "Parchment" carpet is coming to bring transparency...

...and I'm climbing my stepladder to heaven with a bucket
of  "Ethereal White" paint.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Practical Matters

Our new house was built in 1980 so it has a few architectural surprises.
Its quaint kitchen closet hidden behind a plain door suggests a pantry.
A light at the top of the closet turns on by sturdy kitchen string,
 showing off its pure, white interior and generous shelves.
But food storage for us is minimal, most of it
stocked in a refrigerator. What we need is storage for serving dishes,
linens and cookbooks.
By Day Two after closing on the house, the kitchen closet door came off and went to the garage.The result was open storage with benefits: A display of tabletop pieces, an illusion of a larger kitchen,  and easy access for setting a table or gathering baking supplies and cookbooks.

Friday, July 1, 2016


A small arrangement is the easiest way to begin a new home.
 Familiar objects placed on a new plane warm the space,
bringing peace to the eye and a sense of relaxation
after the craziness of "moving house."
It's 3 p.m. and the light is gone from the room and this
is a slice of the original iPhone shot made from my chair.
See the key hanging at the lower left?
It's the key for the gas option of the fireplace
that works two ways: wood or gas.
The Fireplace Superstore will check it out
before we light a flame.
So...welcome to our new home...
I'll reveal a bit more as we settle in.
Have a great weekend!