Sunday, June 19, 2016

Moving House

I love the English expression, "moving house." Not that an actual house is being moved...but that its contents are moving somewhere else. Our summer home, a contemporary condo complex,
 is being converted into an apartment complex for the young employed
 who can't yet afford homes of their own.

      We are selling our condo as part of the overall sale of the complex and moving our home ownership to a lovely wooded, well-established area where we can explore larger spaces for family entertaining, personal pursuits of happiness, and physical exercise. And I will have the fireplace and long, communal dining table that has long been on my wish list.
      Stay tuned for decorating drama!


donna baker said...

Well, best wishes to you on your new journey. Moving is hard but the new experiences sound like they'll be worth it.

rosaria williams said...

A new adventure! Yes, I bet you're looking forward to this new stage of life, closer to family I suppose. Enjoy.

Nib's End said...

Always fun to have a new place to decorate. A blank slate as it were. Except I always buy houses from people who love wallpaper and I do not. It is probably the reason I have stayed put for the last 24 years...waiting for wallpaper to go out of style before I move again.

Here's hoping you move into a house that is all ready for your wonderfully artistic touch.

tammy j said...

guess that's yelling.
I am.
with joy of course. LOL! ♥

Stan said...

An exciting new chapter. A sensible plan, good luck with everything, plenty of challenges ahead but you'll get there!
Stan and Kathleen

Dewena said...

And now at long last there will be a place for that refectory table with drawers? I hope so!

jmac said...

Oh I'm so happy for you!!! not for the "moving house" of course, but for the outcome of having family and friends filling your house with love!! Cannot wait to see pics!!!

yaya said...

I'll look forward to you new digs! I loved the pics of your other place and it made me smile while snow was flying up here! Being able to be with family is important and I know it will be a good move for you. Take care!