Friday, May 20, 2016

It's Peony Time!

We've changed places once the north where lilacs have had their day
 and peonies are opening to the warm spring air.

I snipped a few stems from a family bush for a few days of ephemeral beauty
and fleeting enjoyment.


tammy j said...

one of my gram's favorite flowers.
they always take me back to upstate ny
i hope things are going well.
i forgot to tell you you'd have to re subscribe to the peanut to get it back on line. the hacker did a job of it. and it all had to be cleared.
what a nuisance he caused!
love and hugs to you in the cooler northland. XOXO♥

Dewena said...

That's a Festiva Maxima, isn't it? Lovely peony, with the most delicious scent. I miss my TN garden and especially that peony. But there are new things to discover here. So you have moved back north and I am in your winter state? Never the two of us to meet?

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I have not seen a peony in a loooooong beautiful.

yaya said...

Mine haven't opened yet but I'm excited to see them. I planted them last year. We always had peony's when I was growing up but never planted any myself so this will be my first year. Of course I'll blog about them and hope they are as pretty as yours!

Linda P said...

A beautiful variety of peony. I'm waiting for the peonies in our garden to open. They're red, big and showy, but I love them

Debbie said...

Oh, what a gorgeous specimen you have here, Becky! I love the brilliant white of the flower. I have reds, and pinks, and just a couple of whites. Still waiting for them to open.
Don't you wish they lasted longer?
Enjoy your Sunday, and your peonies.

Lucinda Keller said...

Gorgeous! I never got around to getting any peonies this year ... I missed it. Lucky you that your family has a bush of them!!!

Happy Summer to you!