Thursday, December 17, 2015

Snow, A Distant Memory

Christmas cards sprinkled with snow bring the magic of the season
to our sunny little cottage in Florida.
I put them on counters for a "landscape" of sorts.
They remind me of childhood snow forts.
Tunnels to the barn where cows and cats sheltered from the cold.
 Sleds flying down a white hill to the frozen lake.
My smoky breath in the air as I waited for the school bus.
I'm over it.
Too many falls on ice.
Too many scary rides home from Christmas parties in the north.
For now, the magic of snow is best kept in memory,
movies, and pictures.
Even cartoons.
Tonight we're taking historic Venice's Christmas Walk.
An ambling walk along the tree-lit boulevard where shop treats await,
music fills the air,
and the final destination is a bench on the beach for a look at a starlit sky.
After that, we'll go home to How Murray Saved Christmas.
Party on!


tammy j said...

never knew the green head of envy til i met you! LOLOL
no snow for us either...
nor for much of the eastern u.s. apparently... 'unseasonably warm!'
so bring on the beautiful cards! have to have my snow fix somehow.


I love snow when it is coming down, but resent it once it is on the ground. :)


yaya said...

I used to think I would never like to live in a warm climate..I'm thinking different these days! I'm enjoying our mild Fall as Winter is coming in a few days. It's still going to be warm next week and I could care less if I see snow...seeing it on a card is perfect though! Have a good weekend! Enjoy that beach!

Leslie said...

I would like exactly one week of snow, beginning on Christmas Eve. And no ice!

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Sounds delightful. I, too, remember all the years in the snow. I have no desire to go back to that life. However, we are traveling to Wisconsin for Christmas and I was hoping for a white one as I do enjoy the of snow when it is beautiful. Briefly. But no snow in the forecast. 40's. Should probably bring sunscreen.

Happy Christmas to you.

Linda P said...

I do like a snowy scene, but viewed through the window in a warm house, which we're grateful for, of course. A walk in the sunshine sounds most enjoyable. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas.

Debbie said...

No snow here....mild temps, and fog!
Your scene sounds delightful!
Merry Christmas, dear Becky.
Big hugs.

tammy j said...

happy new year dearest bean!
yesterday i napped and read and ATE.
not the greatest precedent maybe for a whole new year.
here's to a great one. and a HEALTHY one for us all.