Thursday, December 10, 2015

Meals on Wheels

 Besides wheeling me around the neighborhood for a bit of exercise, my new bike is good at bringing takeout pizza home from Marco's. Also, it's useful for groceries from Herman's, stops at the fabric store for quilters and carryout dinners from the Shamrock CafĂ©.

The romantic wicker basket I'd imagined for this bike
didn't seem as practical as this quick-release mesh basket.
But today is the day for delivering Christmas treats to the neighbors.
A box of kettle corn for brothers, Tony and Ted.
Bars for Carmen and her daycare companions.
Garden pizza for Hildegaarde and
a couple pictures for DJ and Barbara.
How do you like my checkered mirror?



donna baker said...

So cute and sweet of you. I got a similar bike a year or so back and it isn't true that you can always ride a bike for I couldn't ride it and feared breaking something. I think they put it together wrong or I really can no longer ride a bike.

Becky Jerdee said...

Hi Donna,
I am unable to look at your blog posts for the last few weeks. I think my laptop has a virus or something. Anyway, it always says that is not responding even when I recover your webpage a number of times.
I'm sorry about this and DO appreciate your kind comments.
Love, Becky

Linda P said...

The mirror is a fun accessory and the basket is a stylish, practical addition. I'm sure your thoughtful, beautifully-wrapped gifts will be appreciated.

rosaria williams said...

A perfect way to get around and be seen. Enjoy your holidays.

yaya said...

Oh my gosh that bike is so stinkin' cute!! I love the mirror and I'm betting the folks down there are loving the neighbor on her new wheels...especially if she's delivering goodies!

Ron said...

You won't regret your mesh basket. Shana gifted me with the same one in black about 8 years ago. It's wonderful. Linda

Nib's End said...

Of course, any gift is nice, but to receive one delivered in a sleigh or on an aqua bike with a checkered mirror would feel quite special.

tammy j said...

i think this picture would be the perfect christmas card!
a venice christmas.
from the abbey. ♥

Stan said...

Must be nice to sit tall in the saddle and cruise... instead of all bent forward like you do on the trail-style bike that hangs in my garage and never seems to come down anymore.