Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My New Ride

I've always wanted a "beach" bike.
 The romantic kind with the wicker basket of flowers on the front.
But, first things first...
I need adjustments--the seat is too high and
I don't have the tools for fixing it.
Soon I'll go in for a bike fitting at Bicycles International.
And, then, there are accessories to purchase...
I'll be back with the souped-up version.
Meanwhile, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


donna baker said...

Sounds like an adventure. Happy day to you too.

Linda P said...

I love the colour! Happy biking and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

yaya said...

That's a honey of a cycle! So fun! Enjoy the ride and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving day!

tammy j said...

oh i just LOVE IT!!!!
i'm five one. finding one that fits is hard.
i'm thinking of buying in the kid's department.
problem being ... no room on those for a lovely basket.
oh! can't wait for pictures! this is too cool.
the color is perfect.

Stan said...

Good for you Becky! I am jealous. I have been looking at a "Cruiser" at Target, never had the courage to pull the trigger. You've inspired!
Brother Stan

Debbie said...

What a gorgeous color! Nice ride, Becky! You won't be mistaken for Cora from the Wizard of Oz on that beautiful bike!! lol