Thursday, October 8, 2015

A State of Sunshine

Sweet sunshine ushers in the mornings now.
We're back in our winter quarters,
where we're called "sweetheart" when we get our flu shots
 and "honey" while paying bills at the cash register.
Handwritten signs say, "Welcome, snowbirds! We've missed you!"

Lawn mowers buzz about (there's been so much rain).
Buckets of bottles/cans and barrels of lawn refuse line the curbs
 because today is garbage day.
Pickers continue to drive by in their trucks looking for treasure~~
metal to salvage and turn into dollars. Maybe a cool piece of furniture to redo.
Tony, out in his front yard, is hanging Halloween ghosts and goblins
in his live oak tree. It's scary watching a guy with 7 screws in his back
(from a bad motorcycle accident) climb a tall ladder into leafy heights.
I've been binging on Reign, a glitzy UK series about Mary, Queen of Scots and am ready for the third season to open tonight (love the 16th century architecture, sets, and costume parade that's quite incorrect for historical times but, nevertheless, fun to watch).

The real project, though, is the November 14 bazaar I'm chairing...
big organizational meeting with the Outreach Committee at Fellowship Hall today.
We're doing a fund-raiser for the Lutheran Churches of Haiti.
Hope all is well with you this fall,
in spite of the disasters that plague our world.