Friday, September 25, 2015

Francis, Sinner and Saint

To change the world we must be good
 to those who cannot repay us.
                ~~Pope Francis

Pope Francis. Photo: Wikipedia
 Pope Francis days in America look a bit like St. Francis Days in Assisi, Italy.
Festive flags, medieval arches, and crowds of excited tourists
 walking the streets while enjoying gelatos and pope pizzas.

We were here on St. Francis Day in Assisi.
It was 2009.

Painting by Jusepe de Ribera via Wikipedia

October 4 is St. Francis Day.
Mystic, confessor, and founder of the Franciscans,
 he is revered and honored in his hometown of Assisi, Italy.
Like Pope Francis, he was a lover of the poor and humble.
One to bring hope to the downhearted.




Dewena said...

How wonderful that you could have been there on that date in 2009, Becky!

Both our daughter and our youngest son are in NY this week, separately on business, but managed to meet up twice, and sent me pictures. They said that they would hate to have to drive there this week, with all the security measures everywhere, but there is a nice spirit among people on the streets.

tammy j said...

i absolutely adore this pope.
he is as refreshing as windows thrown open in an ancient stone church... letting light and air breeze through!
it makes me feel good just thinking that thousands upon thousands of people right now have such loving feelings in their hearts.
if only that momentum could continue!
i love st francis too.

Debbie said...

How exciting for you to be there on such a special day, Becky! One you will never forget, I'm sure!
It's nice to see our people come together in one accord. I wish it would last after the Pope goes back.
Have a fantastic weekend, dear one.

rosaria williams said...

This is a pope we've been waiting for, humble, approachable, caring for all, reminding us all to live simply and with with big hearts. So glad America got to meet him.

jmac said...

I was in Assisi for the feast in 2012 and it was magical. I stayed in assisi for 4 weeks as my home base for an 8 week adventure. I arrived in Assisi on Oct 3, the day before the festivities and OMG....I was so stimulated and energized by the holiness of it all and fell in love with the people!!
It was a very serene time for me.....a baptized catholic, myself!

yaya said...

The Pope's visit was a huge success and thousands were very excited to see and hear him. He seems like a wonderful man.

Lucinda Keller said...

Oh! I so want to be there on his feast day!
Though I feel kind of sheepish saying so, since I have been blessed to have been more than once. I just love it there!!! I call it my heart place, because I still feel such a connect.
Happy you were able to be there!