Friday, September 25, 2015

Francis, Sinner and Saint

To change the world we must be good
 to those who cannot repay us.
                ~~Pope Francis

Pope Francis. Photo: Wikipedia
 Pope Francis days in America look a bit like St. Francis Days in Assisi, Italy.
Festive flags, medieval arches, and crowds of excited tourists
 walking the streets while enjoying gelatos and pope pizzas.

We were here on St. Francis Day in Assisi.
It was 2009.

Painting by Jusepe de Ribera via Wikipedia

October 4 is St. Francis Day.
Mystic, confessor, and founder of the Franciscans,
 he is revered and honored in his hometown of Assisi, Italy.
Like Pope Francis, he was a lover of the poor and humble.
One to bring hope to the downhearted.