Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Seeing the Light

It takes darkness to be aware of the light.
--Treasure Tatum
Waking this morning after cataract surgery was a revelation.
I can read the words on my phone without glasses!
And the light on the face of the phone shines brightly.
Modern medicine and surgeons hold miracles in their hands.
The idea that my doctor removed the cloudy natural lens from my right eye
and replaced it with a clear artificial IOC (intraocular lens)
while he talked to me as he did it
is well outside my realm of thinking.

I am deeply grateful for this gift and for all the health workers
who participate in our nation of caregivers. 
The visible reminder of Invisible Light
--T. S. Eliot


Dewena said...

Becky, I remember that miracle from a few years ago when I had the surgery too. And it still amazes me not to have to wear bifocals anymore. I have reading glasses but don't have to wear glasses for regular use or driving anymore. It truly is a miracle!



helen tilston said...

Hello Becky

You must be much received to have this surgery behind you. To see clearly again must be a wonderful thing. Happy you are fully recovered.
Hope you are having a great suer.
Helen xx

donna baker said...

It is a wonderful miraculous thing. Awake? They put my dog under anesthesia to do both her eyes but she can now see and I am so thankful.

yaya said...

Glad it all came out great and the miracle of your eyesight is restored! There is so much new technology associated with cataract surgery. I've been working in surgery for over 40yrs and seeing how this particular surgery has evolved is amazing. I love watching miracles being performed but I have a pic on my sidebar that shows who the real surgeon in life is...I've felt His spirit many times in the OR...have a good, bright weekend!

tammy j said...

i am guilty for taking a lot of things for granted perhaps...
but sight is not one of them. i treasure the fact that i can see.
i am supposed to have it done in the near future.
your experience has taken away some of the aprehension.
i'm so very happy for you dear heart. so happy! xoxoxo♥
and how beautifully you told of it here. as always.
few words. deep meaning.
you're the best!

tammy j said...

and that picture!
i didn't even mention that!
it's as if heaven itself is shining down upon you! :) beautiful!

jmac said...

YaY!!!!!! We seldom appreciate the things we love until we are threatened with their loss. You will prolly love the colors, the clearness and most of all, appreciating what we all take for granted~

Leslie said...

I'm so glad all went well! I've been having problems with detached vitreous in my right eye, so I relate to the frustration of less than perfect vision. So glad they were able to work miracles on yours!

Lucinda Keller said...

Yay! Congratulations!!
Happy Summer to you too!