Friday, July 31, 2015

Meditation Falls

The manmade waterworks at Jordan Creek's Town Center
 offer peace and tranquility.
 I can't pass by without pausing to reflect.

"He leads me beside still waters; he restores my soul," Psalm 23:3
If I lean over a bit, I find my reflection there.
Where do you find a peaceful place?


yaya said...

That is a beautiful spot! Taking walks in our woods is very peaceful and I'm finding my cemetery walks also are a peaceful place to exercise and meditate. There's a big creek that runs through it and the sound of the water adds to that peacefulness. Everyone needs a special place to enjoy and it looks like you found a good one!

Linda P said...

The pools look like a tranquil place in the middle of town. I find peace in our garden, in the countryside near our home, or in our city cathedral which is open for quiet reflection during the day.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

You gave me pause for thought and I've always found a peaceful place where I've lived. Common thread? Water. Whether the waters are still, or rushing, or wave-ridden, watching the movement of the water brings me a comforting feeling. That and sitting in my bed reading. With the light on, late into the night. But I guess that is not reflection. That's just escapism. Does that count, too?

tammy j said...

that is so lovely dear bean.
alas... in the high summer here... heat index in the mid 100's again
i must find solace and peace right here in the a/c cooled little wren house.
but if i lived there... i would be near the water too.
it's ALWAYS water for me. a tiny fountain or stream or rain.
i'm there in awe and my own silence.

Debbie said...

what a serene wonder you like being there for a quiet moment, Becky.
I find peace on our dock on the water.
Enjoy the day, dear Becky.

Dewena said...

Your place to go is a lovely place, Becky. I can feel the effect it must have on those who visit. It may be manmade but is done in such an organic way.

I guess sitting by water, listening to the sound of it, calms all of us wherever it is. Our waterfall does that for us but right now there are too many chiggers and ticks along the path to tempt me. I'll wait until October for that. Even our creek is low, just muddy in spots, but the birds can find small pools of it to drink from. We need some rains for it to gurgle again.

tammy j said...

good morning dear bean!
i have you on my mind for tomorrow.
i know all will go well.
you're in my prayers and the healing white light all around you.
just think... crystal clear vision!!! XOXOXO♥