Thursday, June 11, 2015

Small But Mighty

Small but mighty, our summer balcony can host an intimate dinner party.

Well, it can't hold a dinner table (we step inside for that) but the 8 x 10
 open-sky space
 hosts pre-dinner drinks and appetizers, breakfast coffees,
 and Fourth of July fireworks.

The potting bench with a galvanized metal top is the basis for container gardening--
nothing but water and deadheading required.
And it's an inspiring space to practice napkin folds for future social gatherings.

This summer, kitchen towels will unfurl like sails on the laps of my guests...


donna baker said...

All looks good to me. Lots of fun to come. The napkins are pretty.

Dewena said...

What a beautiful post! There is nothing prettier than white places, especially the ones you show here.

I have trouble with making napkins look good, and different, but I do love the thought of your kitchen towels unfurling like sails, Becky. Hope you post a picture of them.


Linda P said...

What a lovely space to start the day or a party, especially with that beautiful fountain to look at! I like the Shaker quote on you side bar which I've not noticed before. Enjoy your Summer days, Becky.

tammy j said...

oh my!
i want to live THERE!
the sound and view of the fountain alone would make it paradise for me.
and i remember glimpses of the inside too. a perfect summer home.

rosaria williams said...

How fun! Enjoy all that summer brings, picnics, boat rides, fun by the water.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

You got your basil, your parsley and your petunias. How pretty is that. Certainly looks like it works beautifully.

RuneE said...

No reason to complain about this set-up - I'm already envious :-)

Nib's End said...

I too, love your description of the dish towels. I have been using them as napkins for years because they are so ample. Sometimes, I sew them into little cushion covers.

Your potting table used as a butler on your balcony is brilliant, lovely and fragrant too I'll wager.

Debbie said...

what a perfect spot for a morning coffee or tea.
The fountain would be a refreshing sound on a hot afternoon, too!

rosaria williams said...

Nothing like beautiful linens to set the mood! Lovely.