Monday, May 18, 2015

Play Ball!

We're back in our folding canvas chairs at Walnut Creek
 where our grandson pitches for the Lynx Majors team.

Today they're wearing red and white so they're easy to spot.
Every time Hunter slides into base, I think of the laundry he'll bring home.


Dewena said...

I remember the grass stains to get out! But those were good days, cheering with the other parents and grandparents.

Have a great summer!

donna baker said...

Now that sounds like summer and even better is watching grand baby grow up.

yaya said...

Yep, it's summer I guess! Nice pics and I hope they have a winning season! Enjoy your Summer!

rosaria williams said...

I miss those days, practices and games sitting in the stands,cheering, worrying, being excited by each and every play, each and every nuance. Best of times!

Debbie said...

Don't you just love it, Becky?!
Where did the time's bittersweet to watch the grands grow so quickly.
Enjoy this precious time.

Leslie said...

You picked the right time to travel back north - summer is in full swing, here (and I'm wishing for those mild winter days, or at least a few thunderstorms!)