Thursday, December 11, 2014

Seeing Red, Part III

Julenisse on the Loose!
I made this toy julenisse (the Norwegian gift-bringer) for our youngest grandson
and posted it with a tracking number.
The Julenisse has taken a side-trip to Forest Lake, Minnesota!
What? He's making mischief already?

Meanwhile, I'm wrapping packages for grandsons who will come for Christmas.
When they arrive and survey the premises for the first time, they always say,
 "So, Nana, which of the presents are real and which ones are fake?"
They know me.
 As a magazine stylist, I wrapped empty boxes to create instant Christmas sets...
I still do. It's an inexpensive trick for creating festive excitement in the house.

This year, there are no fake presents.
 Each red-and-white box or bag has something in it for the participants of
Grandpa Al's Busch Gardens trivia game.

Grandpa Al writes a trivia game every year.
 After candlelight services at church, we come home to rowdy game-playing while I get a light Christmas Eve supper on the table.
Postcript: Julenisse has moved on to Saint Paul.
Will he make it to Des Moines?


Mise said...

Your wrapping is absolutely exquisite. No one who receives a present from me must EVER see your blog in case they compare my wrapping with yours. And Julenisse is wonderful!

S. Etole said...

Thoroughly enjoying your Christmas decor.

rosaria williams said...

I'm drooling...
Absolutely eye candy for young and old.
Enjoy the holidays.

donna baker said...

Love that it all matches and thank you for your kind wishes.

tammy j said...

oh becky!!!


I love red and white. And your little red and white guy is so cute.

Merry Christmas, Becky.


RuneE said...

That is a guy I know "very well" :-)
Usually I have to be a "stand in" when it comes to bring back the presents ;-)
Nice to see that you keep up the tradition!

Dewena said...

I hope he makes it on time, and I bet every grandson present will win a prize during the trivia game! Almost too pretty to tear into though.

When our boys were home, in their teenage years, they always wanted us to play poker on Christmas Eve, not exactly the Walton family memories but they enjoyed it and they enjoyed beating at poker. Dad was a little harder to beat.

Debbie said...

How fun, and so festive, Becky!!
Love the little gift giver.

Linda P. said...

Sounds like there's a lot of fun in your home at Christmas, Becky! The gift-giver is super special.

Nib's End said...

Enjoying your jubilant red Christmas. Truly merry and bright.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I'm going backwards here, but I love the red. And a Julenisse. I'd not heard that. Must be the Swedish in me. Ha!

Hope you had a grand holiday.