Friday, December 5, 2014

Seeing Red, Part I

Call me the Queen of Affordable Style,
dime-store decorating,
and Christmas ephemera.

Inspiration for this year's Christmas decorating plan
began with a set of greeting cards based on Lucy Pettway's 1950s quilt called "Snowball."
 Lucy belonged to the Gee's Bend, Alabama quilting group.

Once I limited this year's Christmas colors to red and white,
I was off to see what I could see.

First stop, IKEA. Surprisingly, not in much red and white this year so we came home with sparkling pear and apple beverages and a couple bottles of Dryck Julmust with jolly tomte labels.

Would you believe? Red and white tissue boxes?

Ho, ho, ho!




rosaria williams said...

Love it!

donna baker said...

All looks good to me.

Dewena said...

I admit that no matter when red poinsettias fall out of fashion with some people that I adore them! They say Christmas to me and so does your Christmas red and white paper.

helen tilston said...

It all looks so fresh and festive. You have created the feeling of Christmas

yaya said...

Love your choice of decorating this year! I love red all year, but this time of the year it really brings out the festive in everyone! Enjoy your weekend!

S. Etole said...

Looks very festive ... merry and bright!

tammy j said...

ho ho ho!
love those tissue boxes.
i always have touches of red.
it just says christmas to me.
and nothing looks lovelier in the glow of lamp light than a rich red. :)
happy weekend dear bean! xoxo


I love red and white.

Merry Christmas, Becky.


RuneE said...

I see you are joining the Swedes in their pre-Cristmas celebration :-)
We have planned a visit to IKEA for some presents, too.