Monday, December 8, 2014

Seeing Red II

Target's red-and-white logo promises eye-popping styles and they don't disappoint when it comes to wrapping papers and gift bags. Also, the post office offers an array of packaging for sending gifts. Lines are getting longer to get my giddy up!

Snowflake pillows popped off the end-cap at Target
 as I whizzed by. Snowball. Snowflake. A theme is developing...
At Books-A-Million, I was promised this chevron canvas bag for $5
 if my purchase reached $25. It worked out.
My Christmas guests will be spotted easily at the beach!

Putting the finishing touches on handmade gifts...



Dewena said...

You have such an eye for pulling items together and developing a theme.But then you spent a career being good at the very same thing, didn't you?

I really like that shade of red against the white.

I hope you let us in on the handmade gifts, after it won't spoil the surprise!

RuneE said...

Christmas on the beach? Why not :-)
Beats what we have at the moment.

tammy j said...

darn you.
the luscious glimpses are too small!!!
i love the cheeriness of it this year.
i miss cedric.
i think he would have looked wonderfully well with the red.
i've had a whole year to get over his loss. and here it is christmas and he still haunts me!