Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sisters of Perpetual Charity

I call them my sisters of perpetual charity~~generous souls who, year after year, thrill to the joys of comforting the lost and lonely with fabric works of their hands. I'm the happy beneficiary of their fun and friendly partnerships, a blessed release from what could be empty hours of retirement.
 Little sundresses, in small, medium, and large, have pockets for "treasures."
 Last year, our Sarasota Modern Quilting Guild sent 275 "Little Dresses" to Africa.

This year, the guild's charity project is making crib quilts from fabric scraps. We're currently stitching diagonal half-squares to share and swap at our next meeting~~the swap will give the quilts better color coordination. I'm planning a pink and yellow quilt top for the sew-in following the swap of squares. We'll sew and chat, learn new tricks of the trade, and pass out sewing tips of our own.

I spend Monday mornings from October-April with another group~~forty-five members of the Dorcas Quilt Mission. From fabrics and sheets donated by members of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, we cut, assemble, stitch and tie 60 x 80-inch quilts. Lutheran World Relief's global outreach ships our quilts to displaced refugees in war-torn regions. We make 850 quilts each year, rolling them tightly into large shipping cartons for transfer. These quilts serve as body wraps, blankets, carpets on tent floors, tent walls, shades from the sun, and sometimes a shroud.
For all I gain from belonging to these fun-and-friendly groups,
 a gift of my time is all it costs.
A splendid pleasure in itself. 


S. Etole said...

A true blessing for both the giver and the receiver.

Stan said...

So proud of my own "Big Sister of Charity."
Brother Stan

helen tilston said...

Hello Becky

I am very moved to see the wonderful needlework from your Guild. All items clearly made with love and I have no doubt the recipients all know how much goodness and hope went into these treasures.
Congratulations on such great work.
Helen xx

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I've always wanted to learn how to quilt. For years I did needlework, but now, I'm worried eyesight and not as much dexterity in my fingers might make it more frustration than fun. Guess I wouldn't know unless I tried - maybe someone could thread the needle for me.

Nib's End said...

Loved this post. My daughter and son-in-law are passionate about adoption and have a mixed race family, so I have an AfricanAmerican granddaughter. My husband bought a patchworked sundress for her last year in a Tanzania street market. I look forward to seeing my little two-year-old Fribbles running barefoot through the grass in her bright dress this summer. Any one of those dresses in your photo would look happy against her silky-smooth and kissable chubby chocolate skin.

My husband sees an awful lot of poverty in his travels and I am sure those dresses will put a smile on many little girl faces.

rosaria williams said...

What a wonderful pursuit!

tammy j said...

in the real meaning of all three words.

yaya said...

What a wonderful way to spend your retirement. Think of how many people are comforted by those gifts. It's easy to give money, but time and talent are the real gifts. You're my hero! I don't sew but I have participated in quilting and making comforters that our church sends out for humanitarian relief. It's wonderful the think that half way around the world a special person is being helped by these gifts. Good job!

Munir said...

What a comforting and thoughtful activity. This is exactly what I think is a service for human beings.

jmac said...

splendid, indeed!!!
such an awesome act of kindness and love....

I'm sure your reward overflows in your heart.

Leslie said...

Those dresses are absolutely adorable.

Vagabonde said...

The dresses are lovely and the colors of the quilts look very pretty too. What an admirable group you belong to – and it makes so many people happy.

Lucinda Keller said...

How beautiful, in every way!!!
LOVE this little dresses!
And 850 quilts! What a great gift of love!


I love generosity and this is beautiful and colorful generosity.


RuneE said...

You do not seem to waste your time :-)

Linda@arichtapestry said...

Time well spent especially when using talents to help others. Doing it with like-minded companions is also special. Have a blessed week, Becky.