Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My New Confessor

Recently, Amanda, an attractive thirty-year-old neighbor, asked me to go for walks with her~~
says she needs a friend and is looking for things to do after work to get her off the sofa. 

So we walk, talk, and laugh every Thursday evening.
It amuses me that she appears to enjoy my company.
After all, I'm old enough to be her mother.
That's probably the case~~her mom moved to Georgia and I'm a temporary replacement.

Glad to comply.
It adds to miles walked per week and Amanda laughs when I tell my stories, thinks I'm funny!
We talk about neighborhood happenings. We talk about food. And when she asks for decorating advice, I'm happy for the opportunity to keep my hand in the game.

It's rather like a confessional, these walks.
Listening and talking.
Talking and listening.

This week, she tells me she's making cheesecake for Thanksgiving. She doesn't want to make a whole turkey because it's "just Arthur and me, you know."
She wanted to know if my church serves a Thanksgiving feast for needy people.
If so, she'd like to help serve it because it would be a way for her to "give back."
She reminds me to be thankful.

I tell her I'm grateful for a brother who comes for turkey and all the fixin's
but confess that I'm a frightened cook, intimidated by the idea of assembling a full-out feast.
Then I confess that my turkey dinner for four will be outsourced~~

~~if I'm grateful for anything this week, it's CARRY OUT!

Instead of agonizing alone in the kitchen,
I'll be counting my blessings and enjoying the conversation.

I wonder if Amanda and Arthur would like to join us for this American holiday...


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's My Birthday Today!

A lovely cold front has moved in, taking the temperature to a cool 70 degrees Farenheit!
We're off to The Old Salty Dog on Siesta Key...a perfect day
to dine outdoors in long-sleeved sweaters.
Thanks, Canada!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Reading Room

Once upon a time, my favorite reading room was the upper gallery of Sharky's restaurant.
There, coconut palms provided abundant shade and, during daytime hours,
 the deck offered a quiet, customer-less room-with-a-view to relax with a book.
Alas, tropical storms wiped out the hospitable palms
and I lost my lovely green aerie.

The fishing pier, extending from Sharky's lower deck restaurant,
offers a more earthly room~~an inviting avenue of shade at the edge of the water.
Sun worshipers have no use for the shady side of the pier space so, book in hand, I'm comfortable  here on my beach chaise, feet pressed luxuriously into the cool sand.
Close by, waves add a repetitive sound to soothe and quiet the restless soul.

I'm reading the third part of Jane Stevenson's historical trilogy:
The Winter Queen
The Shadow King
The Empress of the Last Days

What are you reading these days?
Where is your favorite reading spot?

Sunday, November 3, 2013


There are drops of dew that show like sapphires in the grass
 as soon as the morning sun appears,
 and leaves stir behind the hushed flight of an escaping dove.
~~Thomas Merton, A Book of Hours