Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quilting at the Improv: Update

You wanted to see the finished form of the improvisational quilt block I showed  HERE.

Instead of quilting the block with a batting,
 I backed it with an iron-on interfacing
and "quilted" it with top-stitching before piping the perimeter,
 applying a pillow back,
and filling it with a pillow form.
Think I'll try to sell it at a holiday arts/crafts show.

I couldn't go to the October improvisational piecing day because of a conflict
so I'm looking forward to the November session.
The assignment is to choose an inspirational print,
a patterned fabric showing the print's dye selections along the selvages.
The idea is to use the dye dots as a guide for selecting solid or near-solid fabrics
to create a color easy, surefire way to a color scheme.

Here's the scheme for my next quilt block :)
We'll continue our explorations of improvisational piecing.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

After the Rain

The hot wind blew fast and furiously through the ponytail palms last night,
stretching their slender fronds toward the east.
Weather casters were giddy with the news:
 A cold front will sweep away our warm, humid days and bring in
 autumn temperatures!!!

By Saturday, we'll go from a high of 88 Farenheit to a high of 80 for the weekend
 (three degrees below average).
The garden is singing this morning after another deep rain.

Elephant ears gratefully cradle the raindrops...

...and the Purple Shield is positively perky!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quilting At The Improv

My happy feet (previous post) flip-flopped their way down Venice Avenue and stopped abruptly
 at the local quilting shop where I found a flyer for the
 now-forming Sarasota modern quilting guild.
I went home and joined the group online.
Hurray! Something new and refreshing that takes in my lifelong love for fabric.

The monthly meeting for October is on the 19th.
Leader Carole promised a  quick 15-minute business meeting
before the "fun part," a lesson in improvisational quilting.
I'm excitedly collecting materials for the two-hour sew-in
 (attendees bring their machines and supplies
 to cut and sew together in good company...a sort of book club?).

I have no idea what I'm I picked out  colors and patterns to make my heart sing.
Sounds improvisational, doesn't it?
Then to be safe, I also selected a colorway using solid-colored fabrics relating to one patterned piece.
Of course, I couldn't wait to try a few things...
after all, the class is still a week away.
Working from Quilting Modern,  I tried free-piecing a single block
that could become a pillow front or the focus of an infant carrier coverlet...

 By the time this block gets quilted, my inaccurate stitching will be hidden in the depths.
The premise of this scrap project was to find a figurative piece in one's fabric stash to use as the focus of a block. It inspires free piecing in related scraps that are floated into the design by way of a background fabric (white dotted fabric). I must say I didn't know what I was doing but went about cutting strips in any length I pleased and stitching background pieces to their ends.
 The result seems to be a non-traditional picture frame
 for a portrait of two lovely forest creatures I found on an IKEA fabric.

I'm seeing the finished product as a cover for a 14 x 22-inch pillow.
Want to revisit it when complete?


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Feet

It's a long, 15-hundred mile walk from our summer home in Iowa
 to our winter digs in Florida.
 So glad we could drive the distance in a car!

Since our arrival, we've been clipping a jungle of growth in our backyard,
getting communication devices connected,
paying bills by phone when mail forwarding doesn't show up,
and getting that flushing mechanism in the bathroom to work properly.

Our first trip out to the beach was a stop at Sharky's for brie and apple pizza
and a windy view of gulf waters churning
away as a result of tropical storm Karen somewhere faraway.
Next, a stop at Eden Salon and Spa, where Jan
gave my feet a lovely sea-salt soak, scrub, massage, and pedicure.

Today it's a sea-salt soak in the tub at home
after a workout at YouFit.

 I'll soon get back to visiting your blogs :)