Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Moving Heaven and Earth

They're busy out there.
Moving dirt.
 Across the street from our summer home, mighty Caterpillar jaws scoop
 great mounds of earth and trucks haul
 loads from a neighboring field.
 A shopping venue will emerge before the paralyzing winds of winter blow in.

Earth's lovely layer of black soil in Iowa.

We're busy in here.
 Moving dirt
 Clearing closets, steam-cleaning carpets, and vacuuming upholstery
 in preparation for the move south to our winter home.
The soil I used to grow flowers in our balcony boxes
now waits in the front seat of the car.
 I'll drive to a nearby field and toss it into the weeds.

Landon's coming today to watch the "diggers."
3-year-olds + dinosaur machines on the move...



S. Etole said...

Doesn't seem possible it is time to "migrate" once again.

rosaria williams said...

So much to do, every time you open and close...
Lucky for you, you have a built in clock for these chores. For me, I'd wait till the last week, then begin to panic. Where do you spend the most time?

yaya said...

Next to playing in the dirt, watching grownups "play" with the dirt is a kiddos dream! Hard to believe it's fall..almost.

jmac said...

the craziest thing just happened...as I was getting ready to respond to this post and tell you to be sure to get a pic of that 3yr old and the tractor...the screen changed to this post of yours from 2011:


And I really needed to read such warmth on this night. Is it a sign? Is someone trying to tell me something? Dunno. But I'm at peace right now after reading it!!!

Linda said...

That looks more like a little tidy round before moving back to warmer climes, Becky. Great entertainment for digger enthusiasts though! I'm sure Landon
enjoyed watching the action!

tammy j said...

what fun! for landon and you.
for him watching now and for you returning to a whole new area next summer!
and you'll miss all the noise and the yukky part!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I used to like diggint in the dirt for buried treasures lol. Good times.

Leslie said...

The weather has been lovely here - warm, but not bad for September. Hope you have a safe trip down!