Saturday, September 14, 2013

Adam's JDRF Run for Type 1 Diabetes

My antique butter crock (right sidebar) once collected loose change
when my coin purse got too heavy.
Now it has a better purpose~~it's a coin collector for my son's
JDRF 48.6 mile charity run at Disney World, January 2014.
To read Adam's personal story about why he's on Team JDRF, click HERE.

Adam during his third Disney Marathon with his son, Landon, in 2011
Landon cried because he was frightened by the loud cheering for the runners.. 
Little things make a difference, Adam says.
While his Dopey Challenge sets a daunting goal
of collecting $2500 for diabetes research
 and generous souls have donated $830 (33% of the goal) so far,
he's up for doing small things to keep the percentage moving upward~~
 busing tables at a pizza buffet after work and running a can drive.
(In Iowa, it happens that
customers pay deposits on bottles and cans
when they purchase soft drinks, vitamin waters, and liquor.
 The deposits are refunded when they return the cans and bottles
to the grocery-store recycle centers.)

My butter crock now holds coins collected from recycled bottles and cans.

Here's how Adam's can drive works:
His work-and-family network of people ask their work-and-family networks
to donate bags of bottles and cans.
They then recycle the cans/bottles for cash refunds.

I'm surprised at how well my summer of collecting has added up.
Now that we're heading to Florida where can/bottle recycling doesn't happen,
I've turned in my coins to the Iowa neighborhood can-drive fund that's growing...
Little things DO make a difference!

In December, I'll give you an update on the can drive. :)



Dewena Callis said...

Becky, what a nice thing they did by keeping their nephew! And for Adam giving himself to this way of raising money to help find a cure for juvenile diabetes.

I shared it to my FB (although on there I'm known as Mimi Defee! Family name and a way my son, who set the page up for me, wanted to keep it for a family site for me.

I know we could find a cure for juvenile diabetes if researchers had the resources across the world to do it.

S. Etole said...

This sounds like a very worthwhile cause.
Wonderful butter crock.

tammy j said...

i see your face in his face!
that is like the run the marine does for cancer research.
i knew a little girl with type 1 diabetes. such a mature little thing already at 4.
my gram was baking heavenly smelling oatmeal cookies. she didn't know wendy was diabetic and offered her a warm one to eat.
"no thank you. i can't eat sugar. thank you anyway. they smell delicious!"
i'll never forget that.

Linda said...

So tough for young ones to go through this health problem and hopefully in time there will be a breakthrough with the research programme. A worthwhile cause to support and the bottle/can top
refund collection sounds an excellent way to add to the fund as is the Disney event.

Leslie said...

A worthy cause, indeed (and after reading your son's post I can understand why it's so close to their heart.)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

It's so heartwarming to read about such a worthy cause - really makes me smile. People always pull together.

Rachel Cotterill said...

What an amazing distance to run, and for a great cause - good luck to him! :D

Barefoot from Heaven said...

hi there Becky, gladd to see things are okay with you and the fam.

Funny to read about the return of bottles and the amount of money you get in Holland you get that with all the bottles you return (the big ones) and I can't remember it being in any other way. Why don't they incorperate this troughout the whole us.

Well nice seeing your boys!
Have a great weekend.
Hugs Dagmar

Karen Blackford said...

Hi Becky,
Would you em me at please? I have a quilting question for you.