Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chairs I Know and Love

Chairs are like people.
They support you, give you a place to sit.
They comfort you, put their arms around you.
Some are soft, others not so much.
They fill a room with character and personality.
And, like people, they have names.

Chair design: Philipe Starck

We have two bubble armchairs and sofa in the backyard of our Florida residence and I can testify that they are weather-proof, easy to keep clean with dishwashing soap. They look heavy but they're not. They're hollow, made from a plastic resin. We move them inside when we leave for the summer to keep hurricanes from carrying them away. While we winter in Florida, this furniture creates an outdoor living room among the palm trees.

A Lafer recliner from Brazil.
Oh, so comfortable. Many comfort levels adjust to the body. Sometimes I lie all the way back for a nap but if I want to view the television screen, I turn the adjustment knob until everything feels just right.

I couldn't find a product photo of  Cedric online so here's Cedric in our Florida interior before we replaced him with a white leather sofa. He was an awesome lounge for those of us living in the house but when it came to hosting our guests, they were too shy to crawl up on a chaise. A normal sofa seemed like a better solution for seating them.

It's the baroque ghost chair of Louis the 15th in modern technology.
 He sits bedside in our bedroom. Poor Louis, sometimes I drop my clothes on him.
Design: Philippe Starck
image: Google


This is the recliner we have in our Iowa condo. It's a marvelously comfortable lie-back-and-relax-position piece (as if on airplane) but returns to a presentable armchair when company comes or when it's time to get up from armchair travel. It accompanies our cranberry red DWR sectional sofa which I think is now out of production.

Several of these high-top chairs circle our high-top breakfast table, wonderful perches for quick meals under a chandelier, a fine wi-fi seat away from the madding crowd.

We calmed our purple and lime-green upholstered Miami Beach-style living room with white leather armchairs and a sofa last winter. Billie went to the second bedroom and Cedric went out the door to Habitat for Humanity's RESTORE store. He went to a new home the same day we brought him in.

I have dozens of chairs in my chair archive, lovely seats for different times in our lives...I could go on forever...but, to spare you, I'll just post those on Pinterest if I don't have anything better to do... :)

What chairs do you know and love currently?
Memories of chairs you loved once upon a time?


The Jerdees said...

Wow you really hit them all didn't you :). I was looking for "Navy" and there it was.

Dewena Callis said...

You have great taste in chairs! I love them all, even Cedric. I know someone who would have snatched him up quickly. The Karlstad chair is pretty cool, though. Quite grownup! I do love chairs. "My" chair, that I read in but never blog in, is a small upholstered club chair in yellow and cranberry plaid for my bedroom. One of those Danish stress-free chairs in blue is my husband's chair of choice for t.v. But the sweetest chairs I have are 4 old folding all wood chairs our youngest son found for me that I used PB red & white stripe chair pads on. Never seen any like them before.

Don't you miss Cedric, even a little bit?

jmac said...

Oh MY!! I would have loved to have a Cedric....being the purple and gold LSU fan that I am! heheh!
My houses are filled with Lazyboy recliners!! See? all my guys are 6'4" tall and taller. They love a big chair that they can almost lie in....and the only ones I've ever found with the tall backs and bigger seats are the lazyboys. Thank Goodness they finally started making custom chairs with really nice fabrics....I'll have to take some pics of the ones at the lakehouse. Just got them last fall...brown, turquoise and lime green...the colors of the natural surroundings of the lake!

S. Etole said...

Had no idea there was such a variety of chair styles.

tammy j said...

you know i'm a chair lover.
and you also know i fell in love with cedric from the beginning. it fair to near broke my heart when you got rid of him. but now that i know how he got his wonderful new home i feel better!
my white wicker arm chairs are still with me. graceful reminders of a period past in a material made more for today's wear. plus i can pick them up easily.
i LOVE your CHAIRS!!!! xo

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm not sure mine have names! :)

yaya said...

I'm impressed with all your chairs and styles! I don't think I have a fave chair in my home...maybe my computer chair! But my Mom has this wonderful old, huge wooden chair with ornate carved legs and arms...reminds me of sitting on a throne! (not a throne from the bathroom!) Even though it's all wood, it is so comfortable and impressive. I don't remember where she acquired it but we all think it's really cool!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Have a wonderful weekend my friend! Awesome chairs.

rosaria williams said...

What a beautiful array!
I have seen people keep a favorite chair way past its time, but all of yours seem fit for today's fun times.

RuneE said...

I vote for Cedric - pure 50s!

Rick Watson said...

I saw a chair in an old copy of Architectural Digest that was built from crosstie sized wood. It was beautiful.

jmac said...

Hey Girl! The boat you asked about on my blog is called a kay-u-ka...scroll down below the post with Lilli in it to read all about how we came to own it...that crazy Cap'n of mine!!

Jane said...

I was just looking at NAVY chairs for the breakfast bar...but now we've decided to move. Where? I don't yet know...but downsizing. I'm thinking of getting rid of almost all our furniture and start fresh...except for the very special pieces. But at least we'll be looking for new chairs and sofas...



I love your sense of design. And the lime green Billie ... has my name written all over it.