Monday, April 29, 2013

Going Green

After a year of surgeries and therapies (a broken wrist, double hernia,
 two knee joint replacements and two bladder surgeries), we're coming out of it.
 Hopefully, we're in better shape and able to pick up our real lives again.

It feels a bit like New Year's...a new beginning, a time for healthy resolutions.
Perfect for spring, our resolutions are going green. in joining the YouFit that recently opened in our neighborhood.

Love the shiny newness of everything
and watching the Food channel while treading the treadmill.
I'm back to walking miles.

 We're growing in a kitchen salad garden...

... cooking green...

...and nibbling away on greenery.

We're getting back out on cool, clear waters...

...closing in on green sea waves...

...and drinking green. Well, not that green.
Green tea. Something fresh, filtered and limey.
Pure Icelandic, Norwegian, or Washingtonian spring waters.
Maybe a little sauvignon blanc~~ the bottle is green:)

Time for a toast, my friends?
Maybe an Irish blessing...

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun,
And find your shoulder to light upon.
To bring you luck, happiness and riches,
Today, tomorrow and beyond.


Thursday, April 11, 2013


Every day routines can be transformed into meaningful rituals.
~~Raymond Cloosterman

My favorite spot in the little garden house Mr. J built.

My body loves routine...or is it my soul that appreciates it?
At any rate, a few daily routines feel like rituals for peace and order.

Although, I appreciate tea and bath rituals that involve products,
I also find pleasure in those that are free.
Like sitting silently in a white space to watch sunlight play over a room's surfaces.

Or, the time spent washing dishes at the end of the day.
Now that I have a dishwasher, I wash only the odd pot or pan, clear the counters of debris, and shine up the remaining surfaces. The reward for this bit of work puts a benediction on the day, leaving the kitchen ready for a new dawn.

Another ritual-like habit: I give myself 15 minutes to wake up before actually getting out of bed...stretching, breathing, and visualizing the activities of the coming day. After I drink a glass of water to hydrate and rev up my metabolism, I take a 20-minute early morning walk around the neighborhood. With the moon still overhead, it's quiet enough to hear birds sing and still enough to smell the scents of trees and flowers.

Morning rituals are the easiest to practice...especially if I get up before the rest of the world.
 Streets are quiet and empty and spaces await my arrival.
 The luxury of an empty canvas of 24 hours about to be filled.

What rituals do you practice?


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beach Dogs

I went back to the dog beach just south of Sharky's on the Pier to see if anything had changed from a year ago.
 It seemed a lot more quiet than my last visit. Dogs more demure, some on leashes.
 I wondered if new rules are in place.
Still, the dogs seemed thrilled with a watery spring break.

Last year, I picked up these two shots...dogs catching frisbees as well as waves.

So much more active and playful than the dark silhouettes I saw today.
Coulda' been the light? Wrong time of day? Economic times?

Or maybe it's just me?

A shot from the shadows here.

May you always have a shell in your pocket
and sand in your shoes.