Thursday, March 21, 2013

Decorating Eggs

I love resist-dyeing Easter eggs with onion skins and rubber bands.
 It seems a miracle that onion skins can produce such a lovely variety of earth tones.

Martha taught me how:
1) Hard-boil eggs and remove them from the water; drop onion skins into the water.
2) When the eggs are cool enough to handle, fasten wide/ heavy rubber bands around the eggs,
 looping and twisting them until secure. 
3) Boil the eggs with the onion skins until the desired shades are attained,
removing some at different times for lighter and darker tones.



tammy j said...

can't wait to try it.
i have to wait though. for all the people in the apartments around me to leave for work.
ah yes.
the perils of apartment living.
and the courtesy.
we all know what boiled eggs smell like.

Leslie said...

love Love LOVE these eggs. you are so talented...

Erica Ross said...

In fairness, this is a cool idea for easter! I'm sure my sister would love to make one of these for our apartments temple tx.

Linda said...

This is a new way of decorating eggs for Easter for me as we've always tied the onion skins around the eggs to give a marbled pattern (since being shown by my Grandma). Your process seems like a fun alternative.

Dewena Callis said...

Oh, these are lovely! I used to dye our Easter eggs with all sorts of vegetable matter back when our children were still at home. I loved the onion ones but never knew to make designs on them with rubber bands.

I always saved cranberries in the freezer for using and blueberries and red cabbage and I used to ask the produce man if I could take all the loose onion skins in his bin. He helped me gather them up gladly.

You've made me determined to do some again, not the 3 dozen I used to do but maybe a dozen.

yaya said...

I've never heard of dyeing eggs like this..what a cool and very "green" concept! Thanks for sharing this!

S. Etole said...

What a fun project with great results.