Saturday, December 1, 2012

Countdown to Christmas, Abbey Style

First, with a full heart, I thank you for sending well wishes, thoughts, and prayers toward my husband's recovery from knee replacement surgery. After two weeks, I can say we've made great strides and he is now walking down the street with a cane. For an estimated 2-month recovery by his surgeon, this is remarkable progress. We're looking forward to Christmas guests in December and a full Marathon run by our son at Walt Disney World in January.
 We're up and at 'em, cruising toward the events of the season.
 Thank you for all your support, dear friends!
Every now and then,
 I venture into Sirene, an enchanting seaside store on Venice Avenue.
The sign on the front window says, "No photographs, please"
so I complied until I came home with this angelic abbey-style creature.

There, behind Sirene's glittering jewelry counter and sparkling chandeliers,
 a triptych of antiqued photographs on wooden tablets graced the wall~~
Madonna and Child at the center flanked by London angels.
 Produced by An Englishman in L. A.
The creature on the left spoke softly to me...
I'm eye candy for Christmas, she said,
inspiration for Advent.
I brought her home to kick off my Christmas Countdown,
calling her the Angel of The Annunciation.
For the month of December this year,
I'm counting down the days
with abbey-style decorating and entertaining ideas~~
a sort of Advent calendar or Book of Days for December.
I hope you'll find the ideas fun (OK, quaint and quirky) or useful.


helen tilston said...

Your Angel of Annunciation is beautiful and a treasure to behold long after Christmas has passed.
Glad to hear your great news of your husband's speedy recovery. Continued blessings

Helen xx

Linda said...

A beautiful way to prepare for Christmas. So glad that your husband is recovering well.


Such a lovely find. It I saw that in a store, it would remind me of you, Becky.


yaya said...

That is just beautiful! I'm excited to view all your countdown ideas. Glad hubby is recovering and also that you have a warm climate to help him rehab. It's nice to be able to be outdoors in comfort! Enjoy your weekend!

S. Etole said...

She is a beauty. So glad all is going well for you both.

Hanne Bente said...

Hello Becky
Nice pictures you show - thanks for the comment on my blog.
Great to hear that it is moving forward with your husband ...... a speedy recovery, I want him.
All well with us, we have approx. 4 cm of snow yesterday that freezes 6 degrees here ..... which is nice looking, but cold.
Wish you a very good first Sunday of Advent :)
Hugs Hanne Bente

Barefoot from Heaven said...

hey Becky, go as your husband in a favour of return puleasee. I'm gonna see my doc next friday and just had the MRI would be awsome if you could cross his fingers for me. Keep you and him informed my friend. Tell him I sad hi and that he must keep up his good practice. Hugs for him.

And this angle beauty could be on my wall. Love it. Looking forward what I'll find in your post above.
Hugs Dagmar