Thursday, December 6, 2012

Countdown, Day 6: St. Nicholas' Day

Today is the Feast Day of St. Nicholas, a 4th-century saint and Greek Bishop who had a repuation for miracles and secret gift-giving. For example, if shoes were left out for him, he would put coins in them, thus becoming the model for Sinterklaas,
 otherwise known as Santa Claus.

Russian icon, c. 1247
Saint Nicholas
Bishop of Myra, Defender of Orthodoxy,
 Wonderworker, Holy Hierarch

Dutch version of St. Nicholas, Sinterklaas 2007

Santa Claus, portrayed by children's television producer Jonathan Meath


The Silver Bunny said...

Thank you for that reminder, I didn't even know it was st Nicholas' day today. In France, it is celebrated in the North and children receive their gifts on this day.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oooohhh you found the Dutch version. psst...this is the sweetest one (I know him ;0)Where on earth did you know how to find these pictures.

But in our home Santa is comming and not Sinterklaas. since my dad is half German he didn't know Sinterklaas. So we are all waiting for xmas to arrive and the packages under the tree. Thanks for sharing though the other sweet guy.
Happy days to you.

Oh and I'll bet your kitchen looks like a real kitchen needs to look like full with flavours and goodies.
Hugs Dagmar and again an extra one for the hubby and his knee.

yaya said...

Growing up half Greek I heard my Mom tell her stories of St. Nicholas leaving gifts in her shoes on Dec.6th. We celebrated the traditional Dec.25th but I always remember to wish her a happy St. Nicholas day and usually get her a small gift. It makes her smile!