Monday, December 10, 2012

Countdown, Day 10: Napkin Ring Place Card

This Christmas Eve placecard printed in computer Old English type
 requires a metal napkin ring with a groove to hold it.
I used the size of a business card as a template of sorts, cutting nameplates for the whole family on a paper cutter.
Rosemary tucked in for fragrance and remembrance.
 Formal maybe, but fun just the same.


tammy j said...

lovely. i think a tiny touch of formality on special occasions is nice.
and the old english is beautiful!

RuneE said...

I see that you do things in style :-)
No simple celebration here!

yaya said...

Very lovely and I can just imagine how nice it smells! I've never done place cards for family but now I'm thinking it might be a fun thing this year...change it up a bit and surprise the kiddos!