Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seaside Congregation

We're back at the sea again, keeping company with Royal Terns
 who haven't moved (except to preen) for two hours.
They're still and calm in contrast to the pounding waves and, like them,
we're still and calm~~quiet and breathing deeply in our canvas chairs.

The sea, once it casts its spell,
holds one in its net of wonder forever.
Jacques Yves Cousteau


tammy j said...

i found this post to be calming to me today. and i needed that.
thank you becky.
one of my heroes is jacques cousteau. look what he said here!
so true. from the creatures to the sand to the waves to the foam.
it is magic and healing.
i watched every single special he ever made. the ocean lost a best friend when he died.

rosaria williams said...

So, Becky, what are you up to this season in Florida?

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ohhh getting a bit jealous here. Love to be between the birds. You've to a pretty nice shot here...hold on have to put a log into the fireplace. Oh yea only wind and rain here today my friend.
So thanks for sending out this sunny picture. Do enjoy your Florida time.
Hugs Dagmar

becky said...

You have a "no reply" on your comment, so I'll answer here and on your blog about what I'm up to this season...
Getting out the vote :)
Pruning the summer growth in our back and front yards
Stitching aprons and purses for a community center arts & crafts sale in december
Nursing my husband after a knee replacement
Entertaining our daughter and her family in December
Entertaining our son and his family in January that includes his Disney marathon
Quilting for refugees on Mondays at our church
and who knows what else will come my way in the spring?

RuneE said...

If you are born by the sea, you tend to stay by the sea. I know from my own experience.

Dimple said...

I was here the other day, I know I was! But I guess I didn't leave a comment. I am easily distracted!

I love the wind-blown top-knots!

Thanks for sharing my post, I am honored!

jmac said...

Hey Girlfriend!! trying to catch up after getting home from trip...happy for you that you're back at the beach...where your heart sings! and been are you after your lil mishap injury?? All healed, I hope! Your winter plans sound wunnerful!!

jmac said...

and Oh MY!! I just noticed your quote on sidebar by know I just spent 3 weeks in Assisi...and fell in love!!! the people, the art, the culture, the churches...I feel like I have a new home in my heart!
How cool that I just saw that right here at abbey!!

yaya said...

I can see I'll be living vicariously through you this winter! Great shot..I can almost hear the waves and smell the salt air. Very calming indeed!

Hanne Bente said...

Hello Becky
Lovely mood picture you show - a picture is worth many times more than words.
Wish you a good day / good new week :)
Hugs Hanne Bente

Leslie said...

Those royal terns are real dandies, aren't they? :)

S. Etole said...

Such calming colors in the sea and the birds.

Linda said...

A beautiful image - just love the shades of blue and white.

The Silver Bunny said...

I love the sea in autumn too ... and winter ; I think it comes from the impression of having it all to yourself. Thanks for the beautiful photograph.


Still is a nice relief from most of life. Your photo is stunning, Becky.