Sunday, August 19, 2012

Angel Wings and Elephant Ears

Angel wings and elephant ears in the same sentence?
 Well, yes, the quirky pairing of words appears in the list of common names
 used for Caladium plants.
Yesterday, while moving through the noisy, bustling, food-on-a-stick crowd of the Iowa State Fair,
this quiet and unassuming plant in the Agriculture Building spoke to me with more clarity
 than all the voices on the street.

Caladium, indigenous to Brazil, are grown for their large heart-shaped leaves
 marked in varying patterns of white, pink, and red.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Becoming Whole

While I work through therapeutic excercises to redeem my broken wrist,
Whole Foods Market opened in our town to resurrect my lackluster shopping and eating habits.
You guessed it~~I hopped right on their back-to-basics train.

Originally, all human food was whole food~~unprocessed, unrefined.
 Now, after the refinements the industrial age stirred into our food,
it seems desirable to go back to the beginning.
As in Genesis.

I push my cart about the new store, encountering kelp noodles, local wines, artisan cheeses, and a Chocolate Story bar designed especially for the new Iowa store. When I approach the bakery and roll the loaves of bread in my hands, the words, Ancient Grains and Bible Bread Mix capture my abbey-style fancy.
 Like a sponge, I soak up the ingredients on the label:
 Flour, Bible Bread Mix (spelt flour, whole-grain barley, flaxseed, bean flour, millet),
 sea salt, water, yeast, honey, seeds, and caraway seeds.

As in Ezekiel 4:9
"And you, take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt,
 and put them into a single vessel, and make bread of them."

Styling fool that I am,
I put an ancient grains loaf in my shopping cart with a few other antique/modern treasures
to arrange in a vignette for my camera and you.

Shown here: Ancient Grains Bread (right front); Seeduction Bread, (left rear)
made from organic whole wheat flour, water, millet, honey, canola oil, pumpkin,
 sunflower, and poppy seeds, molasses, sea salt, fresh yeast. Delicious!!!!!

A little more organic fun....
arugula, farm stand lettuces, tomatoes-on-the-vine, and
Cotswold Rye Pumpernickel Crackers...

...and a few flowers to reward the progress I've made on recovering my wrist.

I can now tie my shoes, floss my teeth, wash and style my hair, type with two hands,
 empty the dishwasher, drive, sew abbey-style aprons, and play ping-pong with Blake.

As in last year at this time. :)