Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cathedral Lights

Light, a transformative element of design, gives life, mystery, and magic to a space.

Enchantments~~for me~~include cathedral lights in all their glory.
 I can't help but notice the lighting and how it affects the mood of the interior.

Ancient crystals circle the chandelier in the side chapel
of the old Spanish mission in Carmel, California. Reflecting the light from the window nearby,
the crystals dance above the lighted votives below.

Lovely crystal chandeliers line the length of the light walls of the sanctuary in this German church,
 lending sparkle and elegance to the gold and white space.

A table filled with votive candles that worshippers can light themselves creates a corner
of intimacy and tenderness in the Spanish Cloisters of North Miami, Florida.

Michelangelo's genius shines in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City
 where the light of the sky comes through the windows of the dome,
 connecting worshippers to heaven itself.

Along the Italian Cinque-Terre, ancient chandeliers hang in the town church of Monterosso.
In scale with the interior, its series of chandeliers gives the sanctuary the intimacy and warmth of home.

Sun shines through the leaded glass windows that open the Sheffield Cathedral
 to the outside world in England.
Photo: Courtesy of my blog friend, Linda at Seven Hills.

Sir Christopher Wren lit St. Paul's Cathedral in London
with a massive dome of heaven-sent light.

At St. Stephan's Cathedral in Mainz, Germany,
Marc Chagall stained the windows behind the altar with color.

Are you still with me?
Thanks for indulging me in this little reverie...:)


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Indeed still with you, that was scrumptuous! They did say that the next one would be coming out sept with the other bath...guess we will see. They asked me for more info and quotes.

mermaid gallery said...

White and gold do really seem to enhance the light...such ethereal pics....light makes us feel better...add some sparkle and we feel blessed....i certainly am fascinated and absolutely still with you!


Our daughter leaves for England this week. It is fun to imagine some of the cathedrals she will now be able to visit. Especially since she won't be far from Oxford.


Desert Dreaming said...

Most definately still with you...absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing.


S. Etole said...

Oh, for sure ... the light and the arches ... beautiful!

RuneE said...

Light, glass, high pointed arches - a photographers heaven. The last one wins with me. The British owes Christopher Wren quite a lot.

michelle said...

Those are just gorgeous!! I would love to visit any of those one day, such detail in all them.

Nancy said...

Indulging? This was absolutely delightful. I spent some time in London and Paris with my daughter a few summers ago, and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the cathedrals. I can't even begin to imagine what eternal, light-filled beauty all around us everywhere in heaven will be like, but photos like these sure do whet the appetite.

Beth said...

Absolutely with you! Such a wonderful journey in light! I too am fascinated with light and how it can be reflected and highlighted. I love stained glass windows and am open-mouthed at cathedrals with those glorious paintings and chandeliers.
Exquisite post--thank you! :>)

Jeanne said...

I am still with you Becky...I love your photos. Isn't it wonderful to just go and sit in these places of beauty. When you have the time to take in every detail there is nothing better. Thanks for sharing these!!

Jeanne xxx

Leslie said...

such beautiful, beautiful lights, yet somehow, i am most in love with those little red votives... i think you expressed it well when you wrote, "a corner
of intimacy and tenderness"

MissBliss said...

Hi, Becky,

Wow! Definitely with you... beautiful lights and architecture... I saw you have Chagall and Matisse on your profile and then found your Chagall mention here--- love them too!

Very celestial...

have a great day.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I'm with you. And I'll go again. I didn't realize Marc Chagall had done the windows in Mainz. I better go back and see them, don't you think?

Dimple said...

I was with you to the end, then I drifted into my own reverie of God's light shining through tall redwoods to the forest floor...and golden-pink rays of sunset, which I just witnessed tonight, painting the sky as a prelude to the stars.

Debbie said...

What wonderful photos today Becky!
I LOVE visiting cathedrals! We tried to see as many as possible while in France.
I was actually married in the one in Grand Rapids...just beautiful!
Thank you for sharing.

ELK said...

a VERY spectacular space for a lady with a camera ~ very nice series!! said...

They are so gorgeous, Becky! Thank you for sharing - I'm still with ya :O)

Enjoy your week.


Jeanne Klaver said...

Such majesty! The light, the textures, the lines...simply amazing!